Electric cars have gained significant popularity over recent years. But the technology of electric cars has not started today. The first experimentation was done using batteries back in the 1800s. The U.S Department of Energy notes that the first electric car was unveiled in 1980. The car traveled at a speed of 14 miles per hour and had a capacity of six.

Research into this sector continued over the decades until the 1960s where the rising price of oil prices reinvigorated further research and development. Today, electric cars have been developed and tested. Below are electric vehicles amazing facts you should know:

1.The number of electric car charging stations will soon exceed that of the petrol stations.

The number of petrol stations is constant. But the charging stations surpassed the petrol stations by May 2019. Charging stations will continue to increase as electric car technology penetrates and becomes embraced worldwide.

2.Electric cars are no longer silent.

The EU developed a new rule requiring all the electric cars to be emitting an artificial noise so that pedestrians and cyclists could hear them approach. The noise will kick at a speed of 13 miles per hour and below. Amazingly, the noise will be at the car’s exterior, meaning that they will still be quiet from the inside.

3.Some petrol stations offer electric car charging services.

Some traditional petrol stations have realized the changing market dynamics and incorporated charging stations in their petrol stations.

4.There is a possibility of introducing green plates for all-electric cars.

This will be aimed at promoting low emission vehicles.

5.Some electric cars have a feature that helps to keep the pets cool.

The Overheat Cabin Protection function will be used by drivers who have pets to keep the car at a cool temperature and protect the dogs left inside.

6.The miles range increases when you break your car.

The brakes of all-electric cars are regenerative. This means that braking causes some electricity to go back into the battery. Braking gives you more miles from the car and enables you to drive further.

7.It’s possible to power your house from your electric car.

It is possible to use electricity in your car battery to power your home. Besides, your electric car battery can help balance electricity at specific times of the day.

8.Electric cars can be charged using a home power outlet.

Interestingly, you do not always need to go to a petrol station to charge your car. All you need is a 240-volt outlet. If you have this power outlet in your retrofit or garage, you may never incur charging costs at a gas station.

9.Electric cars have been around for about 180 years.

Most people may think that electric cars have been developed in recent years. However, the technology has been around since the 1880s, when Hungarian Anyos Jedlik developed the first electric car.

10.You can create an electric car on your own.

11.There are millions of electric cars on the roads.

12.China is the biggest market for the sale of electric cars.

13.The current production of electric cars is not sufficient, meaning that further innovation is required to boost production.