EV Day is one of the biggest auto events in Canada specializing in electric cars. Electric cars are an auto-engineering concept that has been around for a considerable time and is receiving much appeal lately. If you are an electric car enthusiast, EV Day is an event you cannot afford to miss.


EV Day is the ultimate day out to bring out your geeky character once you see the excellent innovations gracing this day. Here is why you should be part of the next event.

The ultimate car show

If you love cars, EV Day can as well be your day off, where you get to check out amazing electric cars. You get to see what’s new, the features that are likely to be incorporated in future, different cars that suit different needs and so forth. It is like the standard auto-show, only that this is electric car-dedicated. You will see several car models going the electric way, and you can appreciate this tech advancement. If you are not into electric cars, this is the chance to lure you and let you experience the future of cars. 

You will also see unique innovations like electric engines and unique charging stations.

A Chance to Learn

You will come across several players in the electric car scene, from engineers, designers to dealers, who will educate you on the essence of this vehicle technology.

Some of the things you can appreciate about the electric car concept are efficiency and environmental friendliness. You only need to come to this event with an open mind, willing to learn, and you are guaranteed to leave contented, eager for the next event!


A Networking Hub

Several players will grace the event, from car manufacturers, governmental to non-governmental organizations and the media. 

As a car enthusiast, you can meet with other enthusiasts who can be excellent acquaintances in various fields.

Have Fun with the Cars

This event is all about fun as you learn about the direction of automobile technology. You will encounter new vehicle models, which you can test drive. With friends who are into cars accompanying you, you are sure to have fun.

Come Learn and Have Fun

EV Day is not something to miss as you have a chance to learn and have fun. Ensure to mark the date and grace the event.

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